CoilArt Mage Mech Mod Review


CoilArt MAGE Mech Mod really surprised and pleased. In fact, it’s a budget ecig of the famous Able from Avid Lyfe. Beautiful, very nice and easy to use. Excellent performance and workmanship. There is protection against short-circuit, adjustment for the size of the battery, locking the button and adjusting the force of its pressing. The button itself is excellent and very pleasant, it is pressed anywhere which does not snack. The contact is completely made of silver alloy for easy to clean.

There is no locking or locking of the button in the unlocked position from its further scrolling. Not everyone will like the gap at the top, which is needed to adjust to the size of the battery. If, through ignorance, try to forcibly twist the lid further, then you can press the battery contact. Perhaps someone does not like the grooves, you could make them just a triangle. The polymer inserts are very beautiful and pleasant, but in some places there are minor defects and incrustations. The most important flaw is the dense overlap of the ventilation holes with the magnet body. True, this problem is easily solved by installing an additional puck or o-ring.


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